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The REI Teachers

The Real Estate Professors

   The Real Estate Investing (REI) Professors are a diverse group of full-time Real Estate Investors. Each REI Professor specializes and dominates the REI industry in their respective niches; from wholesaling to subject-to, short term rentals to buy and holds, rehabs to inspections...we've got it all covered!

   With over 40 million Americans unemployed due to COVID19 and millions more facing foreclosure, now is the time to learn how to invest in real estate using creative financing! There are tens of millions of Americans in need of your help.


Your REI education begins here and it begins now!

I Do, We Do, You Do

Our  REI teaching philosophy is based on educational theorist Victor Vigotsky's gradual release model. First, we model how it's done. Then, we guide you through practice without penalty. Finally, we watch you do on your own with feedback to refine your skills. With over 25 years of experience in education and real estate investing, we've got you covered!

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